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About six million American adults experience panic disorder in any given year. Many of them suffer in silence because they don't know that what is happening to them is very real and very treatable. Some are afraid to tell anyone what they are going through, out of embarrassment or because they have a fear of being stigmatized. They often try to deal with it on their own, isolating themselves from friends and family and avoiding situations that could bring on a panic attack.

Panic attacks are complex. But the cure isn't. Because of the mind/body connection that is involved with panic, once a person is highly sensitized, it doesn't take very much at all to bring a panic attack on. You could be sitting in the waiting room of your doctor's office, for instance, and think to yourself, "What if I have a panic attack right here?" Just the thought of it causes your muscles to tense up and your heart to race.

panic attacks

These physical reactions send a message to your brain that you may be in danger. Your brain responds by pumping adrenaline into your bloodstream. The adrenaline causes you to feel panicky which tenses you up more and causes your brain to send even more adrenaline! The result of all these signals being sent back and forth between the mind and body is a panic attack.

The good news is that there IS help for panic attack sufferers! With treatment, you can regain control of your life, reduce, or even eliminate the symptoms of panic disorder, and put this debilitating condition behind you.

The Panic Companion site was developed by former panic disorder sufferers. We hope you find the information here helpful. Please check back often as new content will be added regularly.

There is Hope!

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panic attacks

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